Sushi Social Roundup — April 26th to May 9th

Guys, multichain is here — Sushi x Polygon farms are here! So much news only this past week it’s hard to know if this was the biggest or not, but over $300M TVL in under 6 hours tells me it might be. Anyways, in case you haven’t seen or heard, the available farms on Polygon can be found here by switching your network, of course. Fengkiej, you are a prophet.

In terms of multichain and just in case you were wondering, Avalanche is still being supported and will show up in the next UI update.

oSushi — New Sushi Tokenomics!

May 7th was a big day for Sushi, folks!

and then there was this tweet…

Click here for Sushi Github :)

Hot These Weeks

It seems that with the release of Uniswap V3, many are under the impression that Sushi V3 is looming. Although Mirin is on the horizon, it is actually Sushi V2 not V3, but we prefer to call it Sushi AMM: The Next Generation (Not kidding). Other than that the Sushi AMM V2 details laid out by Block49 Capital are pretty spot on. You can also check out Block49’s detailed run down and review of all things Sushi here.

Sushi AMM: The Next Generation


Another prime example of you ask we, listen from the team at Sushi. If you remember some of the previous roundups, you’ll see that many community members mentioned that they felt it was crucial to have a visible countdown to when Onsen pairs were ending before apeing in at, potentially, the wrong time. Omakase giving us the answers to our prayers here:

Kashi Updates
Our dear community member HHK was the proud winner of the 5 SUSHI jackpot for guessing the github update correct. Leverage is here, flash repays are here. Kashi really growing up in front of our eyes.

New SushiBar is Now Open
If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a UI update that was met with tonnes of praise! Click here to see.

The Upcoming SAKE… Already Famous?!
Unbelievable that before anyone even got its hands on SAKE, it’s already made it’s television debut on Japanese Netflix.


Old UI, New Tutorials
This concern getting more and more relevant as we see the usership go up, as shown here:

Basically community is happy with the tutorials, but feeling a bit confused when the old UIs show up in the videos. We hear you! We will update accordingly. See the request on our Discord here.

Balancer’s new teaser release is making a lot of community members go: Hmmm.


Community member wondering if we should take more of an ArcherSwap approach.

Kashi lead, Keno, giving his own suggestions to improve gas efficiency for Sushi margin trading:

Seems like most of the suggestions these past two weeks have been met with an answer that the Sushi team is one step ahead. Particularly with the 1 click stake + add xSUSHI to BentoBox, highlighted here.

When it comes to memes, however, the community is two steps ahead. Now if only someone could come up with a Sushi x POLYGON meme, we could work with that. I don’t make the rules.


Almost a perfect score! Indexed Finance added Sushi to their DEFI5 asset list.

Serve it UP!
If you ever wonder why there isn’t a set time schedule for the xSUSHI servings:

Did I mention leverage was here?
Kashi now has up to 2x leverage available for our Sushi margin traders. At first I thought Tangle might have been over at White Castle, but he was talking about this.

“IMO,” this deserves 20K 100 emojis:

& to round off this round up, we wish our courageous leader, 0xMaki, a Happy belated birthday and thank him for all of his hard work and sacrifice.




Swap Inc. Co-Founder, LevX DAO Contributor — Previously 🍣

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Swap Inc. Co-Founder, LevX DAO Contributor — Previously 🍣

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