How did you first hear about Sushi?

I first heard about Sushi on Twitter by DegenJulian when he posted the SushiSwap medium article.

DegenJulian very early supporter of SushiSwap and clearly ahead of the game in terms of branding, by quickly dropping the swap.

After that, what made you transition into wanting to contribute full time?

So, I read the article on Medium by Chef Nomi, and, back then…

What is your position at Sushi and what does your day to day usually look like?

Sure! I work as a Solidity developer at Sushi, so I research improvements to our current contracts as well as discover creative ways to build new contracts to support our product launches. That’s pretty much my day-to-day, focusing on optimization and also trying to build new things for SushiSwap. I’ve…

What is your role at Sushi? If you could be more specific about what kind of daily tasks you have to do and what bigger projects you’re working on.

Sure, so my title at Sushi is Core Developer and I am a part of the Solidity team — which basically means I’m working on smart contracts, both building and performing tests on them. So far, I have spent most of my time working on the upcoming second version of…

What is your role, at Sushi? Please give a couple of details about your daily tasks and some of the larger projects that you’re working on.

My title is Front End Developer. So I’m a developer for the core team, but specifically on the front end side of things, which means that a lot of the Sushi site that visitors can see and use is partially designed/maintained by me. …

So I guess the question that I always ask everyone, to begin with, is, what is your role at Sushi?

I am the SushiSwap Security Team Lead and I’m responsible for the security at Sushi in general. That entails operational security, more team activity-related, and more tech-heavy stuff like contract and front-end security.

To further explain, contract security has to do with the smart contracts that are the foundation of…


SushiSwap Contributor — 🍣

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